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European Dog Show 14.06.2019

Austrian Winner 14.06.2019


European Dog Show 15.06.2019

Austrian Winner 15.06.2019

European Dog Show 16.06.2019

Austrian Winner 16.06.2019


Österreichischer Kynologenverband


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From the 14th to the 16th June 2019 a dog show of superlatives will take place at the exhibition centre in Wels. 20.000 dogs from more than 300 different breeds and 64 nations are judged by an international judges panel. The EUROPEAN DOG SHOW, held annually in another FCI member state, and the Austrian Winner will take place at the same time with changing the FCI groups. Therfore it is possible to see each breed on two days.

The following breed divisions apply in the rings, the beginning of judging is at 10 o'clock.

The exact starting times of the individual breeds can be found in the list "Breeds and starting times"

Dog lovers can experience not only numerous breeds live, but also learn a lot of new and interesting information at the several booths and in the main ring. While in the morning the evaluation takes place in the rings, the most beautiful dogs of the exhibition are awarded in the afternoon in the main ring.


Special highlight of the main ring program:

Leonid Beljakov - the star of the hearts of the Roncalli Circus - with his Comedy Dog Show.

As part of the big event, the final of the European Winner Juniorhandling will take place on Sunday.

In the open area:

Fun and excitement is provided by the popular Dogdiving, the ultimate water long jump competition for dogs.

For our smaller visitors, there is a children's bouncy castle.

The 14th - 16th of June is a must for all big and small dog lovers. The Austrian Kennel Club is pleased to welcome you. Let's go to Wels!

we will open halls at 8:00

Your starting number you will get directly in your ring!!

Entry Statistic European Dog Show

Entry Statistic Austrian Winner


Rings European Dog Show

Rings Austrian Winner

Breeds and Starting Times European Dog Show

Breeds and Starting Times Austrian Winner

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Country statistic European Dog Show

Country statistic Austrian Winner


Ticket prices

Day pass (valid for 1 day)

€ 10,--

reduced day pass (valid for 1 day for pensioners, students and pupils, children over 6 years)

€   5,--

Family Card (valid for 1 day for 2 adults and child)

€ 20,--

3-day pass (valid for 3 days)

€ 20,--


Parking with mobile homes - sector B and C

€ 120,-- incl. electricity (Access only via Fabrikstraße or Pollheimerstraße!!)


Parking by car

€ 10, - per day (Access via Maria Theresia Straße)


Visitor dogs can enter for free, but they will need international pet pass with valid vacination against rabies!


Further Information:

Österreichischer Kynologenverband
Siegfried-Marcus-Straße 7
2362 Biedermannsdorf



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